The ASQ-TRAK kit

What’s inside?

  • A guide to using the ASQ-TRAK, including an explanation of the overall questionnaires and each of the five domains – communication, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving and personal–social.
  • Seven questionnaires, each with colour-illustrated flip charts that pictorially represent every item for the practitioner and caregiver – for 2, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 months.
  • Parent information sheets for each age group. These information sheets provide suggestions for simple activities caregivers can try with their child.
  • An electronic copy of all the materials.
  • A trolley bag.


Having the right toys and materials is an important part of the ASQ-TRAK administration. We understand ASQ-TRAK users' frustration at not being able to source items for the TOY Kit, especially in remote settings. Following increasing enquiries and requests, we have produced an ASQ-TRAK TOY Kit. The TOY Kit contains 21 individual items that are wide and varied. We are very excited to offer you the chance to buy your own complete ASQ-TRAK TOY Kit.

All the items are collated into a large zipped trolley bag. Following feedback, we have allowed space in the trolley bag for both the TOY Kit and the ASQ-TRAK Kit, for easy storage and transportation, and for protection of the Kits.

You can order your own ASQ-TRAK TOY Kit by completing the order form.

Toy kit list

Toy Kit


Alternatively, you may wish to use the ASQ-3 materials kit.

The ASQ-TRAK kit

Complete Kit
The ASQ-TRAK Kit and ASQ-TRAK TOY Kit now comes in a user-friendly trolley bag